Ways to Do A Natural Colon Cleanse

An essential part of being well, happy and fit is to keep our digestive health in good condition. A significant part of our digestive system is the colon which is a part of the large intestine. If you already didn’t know, the function of the colon is to prepare the waste products inside our body for excretion. 

A colon cleanse is important because it can help problems with irregular bowel movements, constipation and even lessen the risk of colon cancer. In this article, we will explore all the ways to do the best colon cleanse, natural and organic.

Water Therapy

When doing a colon cleanse naturally, consider water as your best friend. It is absolutely vital to drink lots of water and stay hydrated all throughout the cleanse. This is a good way to regulate your digestion. 

Water helps flush out toxins from the colonIt is recommended to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of lukewarm water every day. Moreover, it also helps to eat more foods that have high water content. This includes fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, watermelon, lettuce and more.

Saltwater Flush

Another effective way to do a colon cleanse naturally is through a saltwater flush. Instead of just water, mix two tablespoons of salt in the lukewarm water and drink this before eating breakfast every morning. You can use sea salt or Himalayan salt.

The saltwater flush is highly recommended for people who have regular problems with constipation and irregular bowel movements. A recent study showed that saltwater can clear the colon, most especially when paired with regular yoga sessions. 

Fibre Diet

Incorporating fibre into your diet will greatly contribute to keeping the colon healthy. Fibre is an essential macronutrient that helps the colon collect excess matter and regulate constipation and bowel movements. 

Fibre is usually found in whole grain foods, nuts and several other fruits and vegetables. 

Smoothie or Juice Cleanse

Lastly, doing a smoothie or juice cleanse is a popular and effective way to clear the colon. These juices include fruits and vegetables that are high in fibre, vitamins and nutrients. This will help regulate digestion and hydrates the body at the same time. 

A serving of fibre-rich juice or smoothie helps sweep away harmful toxins.The most common types of smoothies or juices for this a colon cleanse are the following: apple juice, lemon juice, cucumber juice and many more.

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